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[Refund Request] (KingCharles3)

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Your Name: KingCharles3
Amount + Item Name: 

1x Power Armor Helmet (autofeeder) the server is down as I am typing this, so I can't check the full list of upgrades to check if I'm forgetting something

1x Redstone Jetpack (this is one item on the list I'm not 1000% sure about - I am certain that I had a jetpack, and I think it was redstone, but it may have been hardened. I'm 90% confident that it was redstone).

1x Power Armor Leggings (sprint assist, jump assist, uphill step assist)

1x Power Armor Boots (shock absorber)

1x Power Fist (pickaxe, field tinker, TE multimeter, melee assist, maybe the pick and shovel (not certain))

1x Linking Book (I can relink it so you don't have to spend time doing so, it was just linked to a corner of the Summit base)

1x Mystcraft mobessence.block page

4x Pump

?x Opaque fluiducts (not more than 20)

?x Apples (I really don't care if you give these back, probably had about one stack)

?x Some other crap, I'm not sure what I had, since this was my non-overworld gear set. Frankly put, I made the set to be disposable, the mobessence.block page is really the only critical item that I lost in the incident.


Coordinates: Unknown (Mystcraft world)
Description of Issue: I died in a Mystcraft world, and while I thought I returned to the world in time to recover my items, they weren't there when I returned. I don't know exactly how they were destroyed, so it could have been through a legitimate method, but there was a item clear in a close enough time period to the incident that it could have been either way. I'm leaving this refund request to your judgement.
Screenshots (Optional): Sorry lads, didn't get any this time, I had to get some work done and didn't think to press F2. I guess my death served as a good stopping point for the day xD.

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