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[Tekkit] Restricted Items

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Because Tekkit has some items which can be used for evil, we have (just like every other server out there) certain items banned.
Difference being that we are planning to be left with a list of events that are disabled. And have no banned items anymore.
This has already been done for about 92% of the things in Tekkit, but we are still working on it.

We temporarily banned these items to keep you and your stuff safe on the server, so you can play without having to worry about anything!

Banned Items:

  • Sacred Rubber Sapling - (MFR) - This is a giant tree which takes up 4 chunks, here by bypassing protection and causing very low FPS / crashes to clients.
  • Cannon - Balkon's Weapon Mod - The cannon has not yet fully been tested on claim bypass.
  • Flux Capacitor - Modular Powersuits -  The Flux Capacitor needs to be patched yet.
  • Disintegration Module - (MFFS) - This module can be used to make player traps.
  • Sponge Module - (MFFS) - Claim Bypass
  • Anti Personnel Module - (MFFS) - Can kill players, and steal inventories
  • Confiscate Module - (MFFS) - Can steal players inventories.
  • Vending Block Wrench - Vending - Administrative Item
  • Project Bench - Project Red - Dupe Issues
  • Angel Block - Extra Utility's - Claim bypass


You can create a base on the Moon / SpaceStation / Mystcraft worlds, but it is not recomended.
As of right now we do not have a way to prevent the worlds from becoming a "invalid world" when trying to tp
to the worlds using player commands (home, town spawn). Once that does happen, contact any Tekkit staff member and we can load the world again so you can tp to it just like you would normally do.

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