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  1. Your Name: AmazonriverAmount + Item Name: 1X Power Glove (with: torch placer, HV battery, pickaxe, axe, shovel, diamond attachment for bedrock, portable powersuit table, shears, hoe, melee upgrade, wireless terminal upgrade, razorblaze launcher, crafting table upgrade, and flint and steel upgrade) 1X Power Helmet (with: energy shield, HV battery, night vision, underwater breathing.) 1X Power Chestplate (with: HV battery, energy shield, parachute, magnet.) 1X Power Leggings (with: HV battery, energy shield, sprint assist, jump assist, and 1 block assist.) 1X Power Boots (with: HV battery, energy shield, and soft landing.) Misc items such as: ender pouch, white backpack, and wrench.Coordinates: NoneDescription of Issue: I logged out in the deep dark near the top of the world. I loaded back in and it spawned me on top of the bedrock, I couldn't place anything there and died as a result of the darkness. I lost my power equipment as well as a few other things. Thank you for your time and consideration.Screenshots (Optional): None to show
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