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  1. Your Name: Maverickgoth Item Name Galgorian Mining Cart Steve Carts 2 "Loaded" Amount: 1 of each of the items below Coordinates: +1100.24, +2034.21, 2.62 (1) I created a Galgorian Cart with a Galgorian drill, Large Railer, Bridge Builder, Height Controller, Extracting Chests, Top Tank, Internal Tank and Fluid Sensor. I had it in a rail loop around a Cargo Manager and it kept going between load and unload rail and before i could remove all the ore from the cargo manager the cart just disappeared off the track. I looked in the ME and all around on the basement bedrock to find nothing. I logged out and back in to see if it was a graphical glitch and its just gone disappeared. P.S. I would just make another one, but WOW it takes 6+ hours having to load Coal every 15 to 20 minutes. So yeah ones enough. I built two of them, but the first one, I forgot to add bridge builder and Large Railer and Height Adjuster so Yeah I don't want to lose that one. HELP!!!!
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