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  2. Thanks for the information. I would appreciate it if you would look through the backup in some spare time, but I'm fairly sure that the three-or-so quarry blocks around our base were our primary losses to being turned to obsidian. Thanks.
  3. The server doesn’t have a block audit because it would flood the server. We have frequent backups of the world but I would have to look into one of those worlds and see what blocks were present. I cannot guarantee you that you will receive all your blocks that way, there is a certain amount of time between each backup.
  4. Your Name: KingCharles3Amount + Item Name: 1x Power Armor Helmet (autofeeder) the server is down as I am typing this, so I can't check the full list of upgrades to check if I'm forgetting something 1x Redstone Jetpack (this is one item on the list I'm not 1000% sure about - I am certain that I had a jetpack, and I think it was redstone, but it may have been hardened. I'm 90% confident that it was redstone). 1x Power Armor Leggings (sprint assist, jump assist, uphill step assist) 1x Power Armor Boots (shock absorber) 1x Power Fist (pickaxe, field tinker, TE multimeter, melee assist, maybe the pick and shovel (not certain)) 1x Linking Book (I can relink it so you don't have to spend time doing so, it was just linked to a corner of the Summit base) 1x Mystcraft mobessence.block page 4x Pump ?x Opaque fluiducts (not more than 20) ?x Apples (I really don't care if you give these back, probably had about one stack) ?x Some other crap, I'm not sure what I had, since this was my non-overworld gear set. Frankly put, I made the set to be disposable, the mobessence.block page is really the only critical item that I lost in the incident. Coordinates: Unknown (Mystcraft world)Description of Issue: I died in a Mystcraft world, and while I thought I returned to the world in time to recover my items, they weren't there when I returned. I don't know exactly how they were destroyed, so it could have been through a legitimate method, but there was a item clear in a close enough time period to the incident that it could have been either way. I'm leaving this refund request to your judgement.Screenshots (Optional): Sorry lads, didn't get any this time, I had to get some work done and didn't think to press F2. I guess my death served as a good stopping point for the day xD.
  5. DezeGames

    MY STUFF!!

    If you remember your items you can ask for a refund, using the pre-determined template for faster retrieval of your items.
  6. Good day to you, Yes the issue of it teleporting you back into a block is due to the way the login system works together with modded blocks. I will try to get some time free and search for a solution.
  7. i lost my diamonds ☹️ Your Name: PretinternetjrAmount + Item Name: 53 diamonds Coordinates: 79990, 70, 80017Description of Issue: i lost my stuff in a clear
  8. Hey, I logged out in a Mystcraft world and logged back into the overworld. After logging in using /login [password], the game teleported me inside a block and I had to relog to avoid suffocation. This seems to be an obvious bug, so I figured I should report it. I losing my location in the world is bad enough - but possibly dying in a random Mystcraft world due to a similar glitch and losing my items is not a good thing. Please let me know if you wind up fixing this issue. Thanks
  9. stilgarmat

    MY STUFF!!

    I have a question, all my stuff was clear by a clear lag view that I can of resource is that it was my only stuff it was to know if there was a way to be reimbursed it happened at 2:30 pm ty for your help...
  10. Hey, sorry about the double-post, it was unintentional. I'm not exactly sure which blocks were turned into obsidian. At minimum, I've seen two or three quarry blocks and a handful of spot loaders turned to obsidian. There's probably more, could you check any records and/or audit logs you have? It's been long enough that I don't remember where all the chunk-loading blocks we had were. Thanks.
  11. Closed because of double posting.
  12. Hello and welcome back 🙂 could you tell me what blocks were present before they were turned into obsidian?
  13. [I haven't posted on these forums since last decade!] My friends and I spent some time away from the server over winter break, and when we came back, a number of our blocks had been turned into obsidian. I understand why this was done (most of said blocks were keeping chunks loaded, such as quarries), but we would like those blocks returned now that we are back. Would somebody help us in this regard? Thanks.
  14. [I haven't posted on these forums since last decade!] My friends and I spent some time away from the server over winter break, and when we came back, a number of our blocks had been turned into obsidian. I understand why this was done (most of said blocks were keeping chunks loaded, such as quarries), but we would like those blocks returned now that we are back. Would somebody help us in this regard? Thanks.
  15. xRegency xRegency#5051
  16. Hey everyone, It's time to give back to all of you guys, we're going to do a giveaway on 2 items from the store. First being the Hero role, Second being the Dragon mount perk for the lobby. To enter in this giveaway, you must have done the following things: Created a Forum account Redeemed 1 daily reward for any of the game modes Voted 10 times in total for the vanilla network Reply on this post with your IGN and your discord. We will giveaway the Blessed rank worth $10$ and the Dragon Mount worth $5.80. At the same time while you're here, let us know what you think of these giveaways, should we do them more often? Or do you not agree on it? I will pick a winner 2 days from now, so be quick if you want to be included! Have a great day, - Deze (Topic closes on 09-01-2020 at 3 PM CST)
  17. Hello everyone, With this small announcement I'd like to notify you all that the servers are offline due to an issue with the datacenter where they're being hosted. Our hosting can't do much about it, seeing as it's the datacenter where the issue is at. Neither us nor the hosting know exactly what's going on at the datacenter, but I'm sure they will have a fix ready very soon. Once they fixed the situation, we will start all servers again, with this there also has been a little update on the Prison OP server. We already added some features and started configuration on the server. More information about this will come soon, using the changelog channel in our discord. Direct quote from the hosting provider: Once they fix the issue, I will post another message about it and will notify you all about it. Have a great day and thank you for reading! - Deze
  18. Items have been refunded. I am not sure what your misc. items were so I could not refund those. if you find that something is incorrect or remember what those items were, please reply to this thread.
  19. I had forgotten that the power fist had the medium level battery installed. Sorry about that
  20. Your Name: KingCharles3Amount + Item Name: 1x Power Fist named "Nitrile Glove" with the axe, pickaxe, shovel, shears, prototype omniwrench, appeng wireless terminal, te multimeter, field tinker module, diamond drill upgrade, in-place assembler, melee assist, plasma cannon, and elite battery attachments installed 1x Power Armor Helmet with the iron plating, heat sink, basic battery, high EFFiciency solar generator, water electrolyzer, radiation shielding, airtight seal, auto-feeder, and night vision attachments installed 1x Power Armor Chestplate with the iron plating, heat sink, basic battery, thermal generator, parachute, glider, jetpack, dimensional tear generator, cooling system, radiation shielding, mob repulsor, and water tank attachments installed 1x Power Armor Leggings with the iron plating, heat sink, basic battery, kinetic generator, sprint assist, jump assist, uphill step assist, and radiation shielding attachments installed 1x Power Armor Boots with the iron plating, heat sink, basic battery, shock absorber, and radiation shielding attachments installed 1x Large Oxygen tank (was full of oxygen) 1x Redstone Energy Cell (full) 1x Hardened Energy Cell (full) 1x Workbench Backpack 88x Apple Miscellaneous items that I don't remember Coordinates: Moon ???,???,???Description of Issue: Immediately after landing on the moon, I was notified that my oxygen setup was invalid. My friends had valid oxygen setups, so they were prepared to retrieve my items after my inevitable death, however no items seemed to drop that they were able to recover. In the chat, I saw the following text "[NOC] You can't drop this item! Reason: Don't share creative items!". I had not retrieved the items through creative mode (I cannot access creative mode in the first place, to my knowledge), so I am not sure why my items did not drop. Overworld coordinates have been redacted from the screenshot below.Screenshots (Optional): (
  21. IPS Community Suite 4.4.9 Released 12/02/2019 Key Changes Version 4.4.9 is a maintenance update to fix critical issues reported since 4.4.8. Additional Information Core Added ability to search for members based on custom profile fields with type "Checkbox Set". Improved the warning form to make it clearer when a preset action cannot be overridden. Updated PhpUserAgent to 0.14.0 for 'Edgium' support. Fixed an issue where duplicate quote/mention/embed notifications could be sent when editing content. Fixed an issue where you could submit the form to update your profile information with no date set for your birthday, resulting in your form submission being ignored. Fixed an unclear page title when searching for members. Fixed a potential issue sending digests when cron is used to run tasks. Fixed an issue with dates adjusting incorrectly when crossing over DST threshold in some areas. Fixed an issue where some administrators may not be able to manage applications in the AdminCP in some permission configurations. Fixed a MySQL 8.0.17 compatibility issue with the 4.0.0 Alpha 1 upgrade step. Fixed an issue where attachment filename text could be edited in the editor. Fixed an issue with status update pagination not appearing correctly in some cases. Fixed profile photo uploads allowing you to upload more than one file without automatically removing the previously uploaded file. Blogs Fixed an issue where draft entries submitted in private/closed clubs may not be visible by club owner or moderators. Fixed an issue where club blog entries may not be visible to global moderators/administrators when they have permission to view all club content. Forums Removed trendlines from charts in the AdminCP to reduce confusion. Commerce Fixed a situation where duplicate display names were allowed when checking out as a guest and the user was not prompted for their display name. Fixed Stripe webhooks potentially reporting an error. Fixed an issue with generating renewal invoices via the task system. Fixed an issue where custom fields may incorrectly show up when checking out as a guest while quick registration is enabled. Fixed a possible error when applying changes to subscription plans to existing purchases. Gallery Fixed a styling issue for widgets not set to show on all devices in some cases on pages. Fixed an issue where the sitemap could be stopped being rebuilt. Pages Changed categories in databases that do not allow direct record submissions to not output a "noindex" <meta> robots tag. Changed database category sitemap files to include empty categories if they contain subcategories.
  22. Items refunded in a chest at your home. Wrench is a BuildCraft wrench. Backpack is a big white backpack. T/C
  23. Edited to match template Items will be refunded once everything checks in, and the server is back up and running after the upgrade.
  24. Your Name: AmazonriverAmount + Item Name: 1X Power Glove (with: torch placer, HV battery, pickaxe, axe, shovel, diamond attachment for bedrock, portable powersuit table, shears, hoe, melee upgrade, wireless terminal upgrade, razorblaze launcher, crafting table upgrade, and flint and steel upgrade) 1X Power Helmet (with: energy shield, HV battery, night vision, underwater breathing.) 1X Power Chestplate (with: HV battery, energy shield, parachute, magnet.) 1X Power Leggings (with: HV battery, energy shield, sprint assist, jump assist, and 1 block assist.) 1X Power Boots (with: HV battery, energy shield, and soft landing.) Misc items such as: ender pouch, white backpack, and wrench.Coordinates: NoneDescription of Issue: I logged out in the deep dark near the top of the world. I loaded back in and it spawned me on top of the bedrock, I couldn't place anything there and died as a result of the darkness. I lost my power equipment as well as a few other things. Thank you for your time and consideration.Screenshots (Optional): None to show
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